My New Binocular Book is Out!

ISBN: 978-3031447099

523 Pages

Foreword by Holger Merlitz, author of The Binocular Handbook

Price: £20.84(UK)/$32.99(US)

Available Now

Dear Reader,

My new book on binoculars is ready for purchase from Amazon and all good booksellers. Below is a list of the chapters presented in the book.

I hope that you will support me in my work.


Neil English

4 thoughts on “My New Binocular Book is Out!

  1. All the best with your new book Neil. Just recently I searched for your review of the Opticron TWP 6.5×32 poro as I have finally ordered one. Even external links fail to find it. I am assuming the review found its way into your new book. Regards. Douglas.

  2. Hello Douglas,

    I‘m relying on the common decency of the folk who spend hours on my website to support me by buying a copy of my binocular book. I think it’s only fair given the amount of work I put into my reviews.
    The book does have a review of the 6.5 x 32, modified but based on my online review. It’s now available for viewing. My book contains far more material than is presented on my website.



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