‘Scope Testing: What the MTF Graphs Reveal.

MTF graph comparing a perfect 5 inch triplet Apo(blue line) with that of an 8 inch Newtonian with a 24 per cent obstruction(worst case scenario)  shown with a dotted red line, as well as a sensibly perfect 8 inch Newtonian(<20% obstruction) shown as a solid red line). Image credit: Ed Moreno.





Over the last few years, I’ve been conducting extensive field tests comparing Newtonian reflectors to refractors. Those conclusions can be found elsewhere on my website for both my 130mm and 203mm reflectors and a variety of refractors from 90mm to 160mm in aperture. In this blog, we’ll explore what Modulation Transfer Function(MTF) graphs have to say about the conclusions reached.


Tune in soon for more details……..


De Fideli.

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  1. Cheers Jim; I’m consulting on this at the minute but will eventually get to it.

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