Visiting the Leviathan of Parsonstown.

The gleam of speculum metal; one of the giant elliptical secondary mirrors used on the 72-inch Leviathan of Parsonstown.


I stood expecting, in the gallery,

On which shine down the Heaven’s unnumbered eyes,

Poised in mid air by art and labour wise,

When with mind’s toil mechanic skill did vie,

And wealth free poured, to build that structure high,

Castle of Science, where a Rosse might raise

(His enterprise achieved of many days)

To clustering worlds aloft the Tube’s bright eye.

Pursuing still its old Homeric march,

Northward beneath the Pole slow wheeled the Bear,

Rose over head the great Galactic Arch;

Eastward the Pleaides with their tangled hair;

Gleamed to the west, far seen, the Lake below;

And through the trees was heard the River’s flow.


                                             Sir William Rowan Hamilton, Parsonstown, August 29 1848





On our trip to the Emerald Isle, we spent a day in the grounds of Birr Castle, home of the famous Leviathan of Parsonstown.

It was a home-coming in more than one way.


Tune in soon to read the full story……….


De Fideli.

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