What I’m Writing.

         Concerning my up and coming book: Tales from the Golden Age of Astronomy

John Dobson and his Revolution: essay completed

Barbara Wilson: Queen of the Deep Sky: essay completed

Seeing Saturnian Spots: A short essay on the observers of Saturn’s Great White Spot to include the work of Asaph Hall, Will Hay, J.H Botham and Stuart Wilber; essay completed.

Edward Emerson Barnard: The Early Years: essay completed.

Explorer of the Planets; The Contributions of the Reverend T.E.R. Philips; essay completed.

What Ever Happened to Robert Burnham Junior?: essay completed.

Artist of the Creation: The Astronomical Adventures of Nathaniel Everett Green (1823-1899); essay completed.

A Personal Tribute to the 20cm Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope; essay completed.

Einstein’s Personal Telescopes: essay completed.

Thomas Jefferson’s Telescopic Forays; essay in preparation.

The Apochromatic Refractor; a Telescope without Portfolio; essay in preparation.


Eye…. ken


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