For the Record: My Telescope & Binocular Collection.


Duodecim: 12″ f/5 Newtonian.

12″ f/5 Revelation Dobsonian with ultra-high reflectivity coatings on original mirrors, 23 per cent central obstruction. Used regularly.



Octavius; optimus.

8″ f/6 Skywtacher Dobsonian wth ultra-high reflectivity coatings on both mirrors. Original Skywacher primary mirror, original secondary replaced by a 44mm semi-major diameter unit from Orion Optics, UK. 22 per cent central obstruction. Now retired to garden.



Plotina: 130mm f/5 Newtonian reflector.

130mm f/5 Newtonian reflector, with ultra-high reflectivity coatings, secondary mirror replaced by a slightly smaller (26.9 per cent central obstruction) by Orion Optics UK. Most frequently used grab ‘n’ go telescope.



Tiberius: 5″ f/12 neoclassical achromat refractor.

5″ f/12 IStar sourced neo-classical refractor with R 30 objective. Subject of much former work. Now retired to garden.



Gaius, my 80mm f/5 short tube achromat.

80mm f/5 ShortTube achromatic refractor. Skywatcher objective in Opticstar tube assembly. This is the subject telescope of a new book dedicated to the ShortTube 80.


The Traveler:

The AstroPhysics Traveler; 80mm f/11 doublet achromat.

80mm f/11 Astrophysics labelled achromatic refractor. Orginally donated to local school but returned to me after it was found in a sad state of neglected use. School instrument replaced by a smaller, shockproof instrument. Now seeking a new home.


Achromatic Binoculars:

9 x 28mm roof prism Pentax DCF LV pocket binocular (2009 vintage).

The Pentax DCF 9 x 28mm LV pocket binocular.


8 x 42mm Barr & Stroud Savannah roof prismĀ  super wide angle. Most used, general purpose binocular.

The Barr & Stroud 8 x 42 wide-angle binocular


10 x 50mm Barr & Stroud Sierra roof prism. General purpose, astronomy binocular.

The Barr & Stroud 10 x 50 roof prism binocular.


Pentax PCF 20 x 60 WP II: Large porro prism instrument, used on a monopod for specialised deep sky observing/solar viewing.

Pentax 20 x 60 PCF WP II porro prism binocular.


Future plans: converting my two Newtonian telescopes in active use to binoviewing mode. Currently investigating options.


De Fideli.

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