Why the American People Must Re-Elect Donald Trump.


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As a non-American who cares deeply for the continued prosperity of the American people, I have carefully followed, on the side-lines as it were, the campaigns of both Trump-Pence(Republican) and Biden-Harris(Democrats). In this blog, I wish to articulate, as succinctly as possible, why the US electorate should strive to re-instate Donald Trump- even if you personally don’t like him –  and his running mate, Vice-President, Mike Pence. The stakes are simply too high to contemplate a Democrat take-over.

  1. Donald Trump is no politician, and that’s a good thing. Though he’s deeply flawed as an individual(aren’t we all though?), I’ve always thought of him as a breath of fresh air. The mainstream press, both here and in the US, has expressed a visceral hatred for him because he shoots from the hip and speaks his mind in a non-PC voice. Trump is a businessman, you’ll remember, and prior to the advent of the CCP virus, the American economy was the strongest and most prosperous it has ever been! There is no reason to believe that he will not restore the prosperity of the US economy if re-elected.
  2. Fear of the CCP virus has wreaked havoc in nearly all countries on Earth and having such a large population, the number of US deaths associated with COVID-1984 appears to be levelling out and actually turning a corner now, and what we’re now witnessing is more a ‘casedemic’ than a pandemic. We need to remember that most of the ~229,000 deaths are attributed to co-morbidity factors and only a tiny minority of the deaths can actually be attributed to the viral infection alone. If these insane, 100 per cent politically motivated lockdowns persist they are likely to kill far more people from depression, bankruptcy, anxiety, drug overdose, suicide and loneliness than any virus. Changing a regime in the middle of a pandemic is very unwise. The Trump administration is working flat-out to produce a vaccine to protect its citizens, though the majority have no compelling reasons to rush out and get it, and Mr. Trump has personally vouched to allow the most ill patients to receive the same treatment as he did and for free. His administration is already making great progress – way ahead of the major European powers like the UK, France and Germany – by delivering new and effective therapeutics to treat the condition, cutting fatalities by as much as 90 per cent, rather than imposing stupid lockdowns that only make matters worse. Indeed, this election will serve as a referendum on the lockdowns; vote Democrat if you wish them to continue, and Republican if you want to see their end.
  3. The completely untrustworthy mainstream press – which should be completely ignored – never reports on the many achievements of the Trump administration. Take a look at this link as of November 2019  for just some of the administration’s economic successes. But from a Christian perspective, here’s another thirty that one should consider.
  4. Team Trump puts America first. They are nationalists; a sovereign nation wanting to do business with other sovereign nations. Trump’s policies have thwarted the globalists who wish to impose their Draconian, socialist, ‘one size fits all’ policies on everyone. Trump also demanded that other nations in NATO pay more, and that’s only fair. The Democratic party, in contrast, has strong leanings to the political left, socialism and Red China. To gain a glimpse of how this could play out, take a long, hard look at what has happened in Venezuela.
  5. The mainstream media has suppressed the mental health status of Joe Biden. As a guy who has lived with and seen the devastating effects of cognitive decline in the elderly, it is very clear that Mr. Biden, sadly, is suffering from dementia. You have to wonder why Biden doesn’t do many rallies and doesn’t take questions(except for really searching ones about what flavour ice cream he likes but nothing about Biden’s dodgy son, Hunter) from the press. I mean, if that were not the case, why don’t we see mass crowds at Democrat rallies?  And you also have to wonder why Barack Obama has now started campaigning for him. In contrast, Trump is aggressively attacked by a corrupt mainstream press.  If elected to the office of President, Biden will be an unmitigated disaster, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, whose morally reprehensible track record in office leaves a lot to be desired, will be calling the shots and sanctioning the murder of countless other unborn human beings. Vote Biden get Harris(far left and its minions).
  6. The Biden-Harris administration will push the United states into a state of terminal economic decline with their radical socialist agenda, which only makes people equally poor and miserable, as history so clearly shows. And they will implement the Equality Act, which will wrench your religious freedoms from you. Biden wants more lockdowns to push more and more people into abject poverty and despair. He’s also obsessed with using those ridiculous face diapers which are next to useless in containing the virus, and actually will prove to cause more harm than good when the truth finally(and it will) comes out. The largely pseudoscientific actions taken by many western governments on COVID-19 are likely to be overturned in the days and weeks ahead. To my mind, like a good soap opera, they’re making things up as they go along.
  7. The Democratic party is not the party of your fathers and forefathers. It has  completely jettisoned Judeo-Christian values. The Democrats has either sided with or have remained silent in condemning deeply immoral movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter(BLM), an openly Marxist organisation, wishing to dismantle the nuclear family and impose the fatally flawed critical race theory (which was summarily rejected by the secular British Government) in the public and private sector. The Trump administration has set in place orders to reverse the crippling effects of this racially charged theory in the American workforce, as well as stalling the attempts of radical, ‘woke’ educational revisionists who wish to re-write the history of the United States, and brainwash the next generation of Americans to be functional Marxists. Folk are at last beginning to see through these dangerous movements. For example, the good people of Chicago have only recently rejected BLM’s demands to defund their police department.
  8. All the social media platforms – which ought to remain completely neutral – like Twitter and Facebook – have been ‘caught with their pants down’ trying to suppress the campaign of the Trump Administration or hide negative press about their opposition. These are intolerable interventions that will almost certainly backfire. If you’re only watching mainstream news on TV, chances are good that you’re being deceived. Remember the huge lead Hilary Clinton purportedly had in the 2016 election? And then what happened? Trump won the election. The same game is almost certainly being played out in the 2020 election. Prestigious science journals – yes you heard right, science journals! – such as Nature, have also sided with team Biden. Yep, these now disgraced platforms have jumped into bed with the GREAT GLOBAL RESET  and thus can’t be trusted. Indeed such nefarious dealings are more at home in China or North Korea than in any democracy. What to do? Never again assume Twitter, Google and Facebook are neutral platforms. They are clearly politically and ideologically biased. What’s more, the inspiring 27-year-old conservative intellectual, Charlie Kirk, was also shut down on Twitter by the powers that be. What a wicked thing to do! They don’t want the youth of America to hear his story, his views – just because it doesn’t fit with the left’s malevolent narrative. They won’t debate these people either – he’d eat ’em for breakfast anyway. No, their tactic is to cancel, to muzzle, to mask. The creeps at Wikipedia have also been busy spreading lies. Thankfully, the CEOs of these companies are now being prosecuted.
  9. If Biden is elected to office his administration will pack the Supreme Court with ultra-liberal(read immoral) judges who will make it all but impossible for anyone who holds to Judeo-Christian values to receive proper justice. The Trump Administration’s success in appointing the exemplary, virtuous conservative jurist and mother of school age children(which the Democrats have scorned with disdain and unanimously voted against her),  Amy Coney Barrett, will prevent the Supreme Court from turning into a kangaroo court. Shame on you Democrats!
  10. It has not gone unnoticed that nearly all of the states where the rioting, looting and out-and-out anarchy has occurred are/were in blue states, that is, run by Democratic governors. They have bowed to the demands of anarchists to defund the police, but later return seeking alms from the Trump administration. How pathetic is that?  California’s governor, Gavin Newsom(shouldn’t it be Gruesome or maybe the Grinch?), in particular, has singularly displayed himself to be a megalomaniacal despot. Any sane voter could not countenance having someone like that running the fifth largest economy in the world any longer. And have you heard what another Democrat  governor, Andrew Cuomo, has been doing in New York?
  11. I’ve noticed the demographic of the anti-Trump brigade. They tend to be younger, politically ‘woke’ individuals, loud and angry. They are often indoctrinated by leftist professors and propagandists, LGBTQP-agenda-pushing, abortion supporters and climate change alarmists. who’s anti-human policies will enslave and push modern civilization back into the stone age. An eclectic mix don’t you think? Says a lot really! 
  12. The Republican party clearly represents the values of common sense and law and order, of ordinary Americans who just want things to return to normal,  are pro-life, want the continuation of the Republic & the Constitution, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, lower taxes, cheap energy, and conservative ways of life(remember the good ole days of 2019?), in contrast to the freedom robbing policies of the left-leaning, monolithic, big-brother-government-orientated and reckless Democrats.
  13. Try to avoid postal voting if you can. I hear there’s lots of trickery going on there. I would take the polls used by the mainstream media with a big pinch of salt. Please support independent media platforms so that they can continue to report the truth. Senior citizens, don’t be afraid of the China virus or the demonic masktards wanting to intimidate you out of voting! Have you seen what these brainwashed idiots are doing to your kids? What else do you expect in that evil state? Your country needs you more than ever before! I continue to pray for the American people in these dark times. Though the whole world is stacked against him, I urge you to set aside petty concerns and political squabbles and get behind your President and his Administration. 
  14. If you were one of the many people who voted early by mail and now wish to vote in person, check out this link to see how you can execute those changes.

In a world turned upside down, Team Trump is by far the sanest choice!

God bless the United States!



Neil English


De Fideli.

2 thoughts on “Why the American People Must Re-Elect Donald Trump.

  1. Very Well Said Dr English

    That ‘Gavin Newsom’ is one nasty self obsessed piece of work.

    God Bless America & God Bless Donald Trump

    As an aside:
    Joseph Biden is a fine upstanding & decent gentleman who has overcome many tragedies in his life & deserves the utmost respect as he gets on in his years..

    However he is controlled by the socialist cabal & his nasty Pit bull socialist running mate ( Hand Picked by the hard left ) will obviously be running the show.

  2. Hello John,

    Thanks for your post. I agree entirely with you. The Trump administration is the best choice to stop the radical left from destroying America.



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